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Comprehensive Diagnosis

Even when nothing is hurting, a routine dental check and cleaning every 6 months is recommended. Prevention is the best treatment.

Preventative Cleaning

Preventative cleaning, also known as prophylaxis, is the procedure of cleaning teeth regularly. Everyone needs preventative cleaning to have healthy and clean teeth.

Tooth Colored Restoration (Composite Restoration)

Your teeth may be damaged by cavities or accidents. Whenever something happens to the structure of your teeth, they will need to be restored.

Gum Disease Treatment

Have you ever seen any blood while brushing or felt any pain in your gums? That may be due to gum disease.

Root Canal Treatment

Your teeth will react while drinking hot or cold water. You will feel pain while chewing. Your teeth might become loose.

Dental Crown & Bridge Procedure & Treatment

The crown is used as a cover on an existing tooth that needs support. A crown is used when a tooth is decayed or damaged.

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