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Your oral health can play a factor in your physical and mental health. Having toothache, sore gums, or even just crooked teeth can effect your daily life. Sunny Dental is always present and ready to assist you in your oral health goal using evidence based dentistry.

When Comprehensive Diagnosis is necessary?

Even when nothing is hurting, a routine dental check and cleaning every 6 months is recommended. Prevention is the best treatment. However, sometimes a sudden toothache, bad breath, or bleeding in brushing can be an alarm for a visit to the dentist.

How is a Comprehensive Diagnosis done?

At Sunny Dental, the initial step is to take necessary diagnostic x-rays for our patients. Then some intra oral photos can be taken to show patients what the dentists is seeing. Gum measurements will also be taken to gauge how much inflammation is present in the gum. Finally, a visual exam to determine whether there is cavities present in the mouth.

After collecting the necessary data, the dentist will then present the findings to the patients. The dentist will then take in account the patients oral and financial goal to tailor a treatment plan that is most beneficial to patients. No two plans are the same, and each plans is made with the patient in mind.

While dental fears can linger in many, prompting patients to postpone their dental visit for as long as possible, Sunny Dental recommends you to take the first step in regaining dental health.

frequently asked questions

Is Comprehensive Diagnosis painful?

No. At Sunny Dental, we work at your pace and comfort level; anytime you need a break, just raise your hand and we will pause!

How can I make an appointment for a comprehensive diagnosis?

Whenever you are ready, give us a call at (661) 324-0234 and our friendly staff will find a time for you!

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