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Partial and Complete Dentures



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One of the most classical options for replacing missing teeth is dentures. Dentures come in two varieties: complete dentures, which replace an entire region; and partial dentures, which replace a few teeth. There are several materials to choose from in making each of these dentures. Sunny Dental can help you decide which kind of denture is best for your lifestyle and dental health. Get in touch with us right away to make an appointment if you believe dentures could be suitable for you.

What are partial and complete dentures?

Partial Dentures: For those who have lost one or more teeth, partial dentures serve as substitute teeth. We choose a denture foundation and teeth that closely matches the color of your gums and teeth. Moreover, a clasp or other retentive mechanism is used to secure the partial denture to the natural teeth. The final product may be put in and removed from your mouth whenever you want.

At Sunny Dental, the creation of partial dentures begins with a model of your mouth. A partial denture typically takes 5 appointments, around 6 to 8 weeks, to make. However, this might vary from patient to patient. Additionally, it is influenced by the kind of denture and the method employed by our dentist and lab technician.

Complete Dentures: Complete dentures can be subdevided into “immediate” or “conventional.” A conventional denture is where the denture is fabricated after all the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue healed. Typically, after the extraction, 6 weeks are given to the gum to heal before starting denture fabrication. Even though the wait time is long, the patient is awarded with a denture that fits better in the long term.

Immediate full dentures are created in advance of tooth extraction and placed in the mouth on the same day as tooth extraction. The benefit of immediate denture is that the patient need not go without teeth during the healing process. However, the consequence is that as the gum continue to heal in the following months, the denture can start to feel loose, and thus, a reline, or refit, of the denture base is needed

When are partial and complete dentures necessary?

Partial Dentures: When one or more teeth are missing, the biting forces in the mouth change significantly. As a result, other teeth start to move in an effort to close the gap left in your mouth. This can cause changes in the teeth and gums’ general physical appearance, decrease your chewing function, and impair your speech.

In order to maintain your gums, face muscles, and jawbone, we advise partial dentures. It prevents the other teeth from shifting. Additionally, you can plan to have a full, attractive smile.

Complete Dentures: When a patient is missing all of the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, complete dentures are required.

At Sunny Dental, each denture fabrication steps are taken carefully to achieve a functional and esthetic denture.

How are partial and complete dentures done?

Partial dentures: The preparation of the teeth is the initial stage in manufacturing a partial denture. During this stage, your dentist may prepare the teeth that will support the partial denture. Your dentist will then take an exact imprint of your upper and lower arches and record the way you bite. After that, the imprints are submitted to the dental laboratory.

Your dentist will analyze your bite, test your speech, and examine the appearance and function of the partial denture teeth and gums in the following sessions. After achieving a good fit and look, the denture is returned to the laboratory for final manufacturing.

Complete dentures: Here are some steps that are frequently followed when complete dentures are used. In the fabrication of conventional denture, all the teeth must have been extracted beforehand.  If the natural teeth are still there, false teeth cannot be inserted.

The initial step is to accurately capture a tooth imprint so that the proper diagnostic images may be created. Wax rims are then placed in the mouth to get the proper bite measurement. Teeth and gum colors are chosen to match the mouth as closely as possible.

After the delivery, a post delivery appointment is made for any small modifications that might be necessary after 24 to 48 hours.

Why do people need partial and complete dentures?

Teeth are the most vital part of our mouth, but for some unforeseen reasons, you might need to lose some of them. Having fewer or no teeth creates vast problems in life. This will change your smile, way of talking, and ability to chew food.

Sunny Dental offers well-organized partial and complete denture treatments that can give you fake teeth. It can look and function similar to your natural teeth. Our dentist can shape it as your natural teeth used to be.

frequently asked questions

Are partial and complete dentures painful?

No. None of the denture fabrication steps are invasive, and therefore it is not painful.

Which one is better among partial and complete dentures?

Both are used in different cases. Partial dentures are relatively less costly, and complete dentures give you a fully portable set of fake teeth.

What kind of denture materials are out there?

There are different kinds of denture material: acrylic, flexible valplast, or cast metal. Sunny Dental can help you decide which material to choose based on cost and function.

How long do dentures last?

The industry standard for a functional denture is 5 years. Base of your gum’s resorption rate and the way you take care of your denture, the time can increase or decrease.

What are the indications for using a complete denture?

A whole arch of missing teeth, when implant surgery is not an option, and financial restrictions for implants are indications that you may benefit from a complete denture.

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