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At Sunny Dental, we strive to become patients’ lifelong allies. Our root canal treatment service involves modern technologies in dentistry so that you can feel comfortable and relieved. If your tooth is causing discomfort and you are located around the Bakersfield area, our dental team can be of your service.

When is root canal treatment necessary?

If X-ray and clinical testings show that your pulp has been damaged, you may need a root canal treatment. There are many ways you will know your pulp is infected. Your teeth will react while drinking hot or cold water. You will feel pain while chewing. Your teeth might become loose. We recommend you visit our dental office immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

Not treating your infected teeth at the right time can put your oral health at risk. If the bacteria stays in the tooth socket for a prolonged time, it can cause irreversible damages. Treatment for such conditions does not give a promising outcome. It is necessary to consult with a dentist right away after experiencing any abnormalities in your teeth.

Common Symptoms

It may be challenging to decide for yourself if you need a root canal treatment or not unless you are a dentist. However, some symptoms can give you an idea:

  • Feeling pain while chewing
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot water
  • Tooth becoming loose
  • Visible decay in your teeth
  • Swollen Jaw
  • Tooth being discolored
  • Tooth pain

It is necessary to consult with a dentist when you notice any of these symptoms. Our dentists will go through some checklists. You may or may not need a root canal treatment depending on the findings.

What is root canal treatment?

At Sunny Dental, root canal treatment is done by our experienced dentist. Preliminary measurements will be taken so that you can be comfortable before the treatment starts. Then, following the American Dental Association standards, our dentist will complete the procedure.

First, local anesthesia will be given to make the concerned area numb. It will reduce the chances of feeling pain. You may feel some pressure, but it will not be sharp. Any discomfort should be minimized.

When your tooth becomes numb, our dentist will carefully make a small pathway in the middle of your tooth. Then, using an instrument called files, the infected nerve from the canal will be removed. 

Once the nerves and bacterias are washed away properly, the canal, or the space inside the tooth, will be coated with antibiotics so that the tooth can remain safe from further possibilities reinfection. The dentist will then seal the tooth using sealer paste and a rubber-type material known as gutta percha.

Finally, our dentist will cover the small pathway with a temporary material that will prevent the tooth from recontamination.

Why do most people need root canal treatment?

If the infected pulp is not treated at the right time, then there remains a possibility of pulling the tooth out. Sunny Dental recommends keeping as many natural teeth as possible. It enhances your smile as well as day-to-day activities. A root canal is an incredible way to make your infected teeth clean and usable. You will not have to lose any of your teeth if the root canal is done in time. Sunny Dental is always looking forward to solving your problems. 

frequently asked questions

Are root canals painful?

Since our dentists provide local anesthesia, major discomforts will be minimized. Furthermore, at Sunny Dental we work at the patient's pace. Anytime you need a break, just raise your left hand and we will stop immediately. After the treatment, you may feel a little soreness around the tooth that was worked on. However, typically the symptoms can be taken care of by over the counter painkillers; and it will subside in a few days.

Does a root canal remove the entire tooth?

No. A root canal does not remove the entire tooth; rather, it saves a tooth from being pulled out. You need to get a root canal at the right time so that you do not lose your tooth.

How many appointments will the root canal take?

Depending on the tooth size (front tooth vs molars) and the amount of infection, you may need one or two appointments.

What is the root canal process like?

A root canal is done by following some steps. First, you will be given local anesthesia. Then the infected pulp will be removed from your numbed tooth. Finally, the canal will be filled, and the process is completed.

How do I know if I need a root canal?

There are some common symptoms like sensitivity to cold or hot water, feeling pain by itself, tooth decay, and tooth discoloration. If you notice any of these, immediately consult with a dentist. We will confirm whether you need a root canal or not.

What are the benefits of getting a root canal?

Once the pulp is infected, then there is less of a chance for you use that tooth. That means you are more likely to need the tooth pulled out. A root canal can save you from such a situation. This treatment removes the infected pulp and lets you keep your teeth, which is recommended as the best option.

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